Safeguarding crisis management is the process by which an organisation engages with and resolves disruptive and critical events that could undermine the reputation and survival of the entity.

Safeguarding crisis management is a complex high-risk activity and The Safeguarding Alliance are highly adept at supporting all types of organisations and leadership teams responsible for the well-being of children.

There are multiple complexities in dealing with safeguarding crisis management cases, not least the need for a rapid response plan to ensure that the old systems and structures that were endemic to the problems are reformed.

Successful safeguarding crisis management is contingent on implementing change as much as being able to identify and assess the risks and causes of systemic failure.  

The Safeguarding Alliance implement a robust safeguarding crisis management strategy broken down into four stages:


Assessment and Evaluation: a high intensity assessment period. It is imperative that all risk such as: operational, strategic, reputational, financial, legal and personnel, to the organisation are identified, prioritised and assessed as a matter of urgency.


Engagement with Key Stakeholders: ongoing communication with regulators, government, parents, local and national media. The Safeguarding Alliance can mediate between and communicate with stakeholders when a relationship and trust has broken down within the organisation.


Rapid Response Plan: developing and implementing a realistic action plan ensuring all policies and procedures are consistent with best practice and being acted upon through meticulous training and continuous rapid improvement assessment to demonstrate key - stakeholder confidence.


Moving out of critical care: on-going and regular training and evaluation until a culture of safeguarding and child protection best practice becomes fully embedded into the foundations of the organisation.

If you feel your organisation is not in crisis we offer independent reviews. Our reviews examine current practice and give organisations clear understanding of what is working well in addition to identifying areas for development. If you would like more information about our independent reviews please contact us here


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