The Safeguarding Initiative Award during COVID-19

The Safeguarding Initiative Award has been designed to publicly recognise and highlight schools who have demonstrated exceptional safeguarding initiative during COVID-19 to keep children and young people safe. 

Award Criteria


The Award is assessed against three criteria as defined below and will consider both the safeguarding initiative and the impact it has had in keeping children and young people safe during COVID-19:    




How has the school adapted safeguarding policies and procedures during COVID-19; 

How has the school identified vulnerable pupils and ensured that they are kept safe during COVID-19; 

How has the school been innovative in their approach in safeguarding children and young people during COVID-19. 

Nominate your school

If you feel your school has taken an exceptional safeguarding initiative to safeguard children and young people during COVID-19 please follow the below 5 steps to send us your nomination.







Download the Nomination Form here

Complete the Form giving an example of exceptional safeguarding initiative the school has undertaken during COVID-19, and the impact it has had in keeping children and young people safe;   

Ensure you provide contact details including the DSL and Headteacher; 

Send your completed Form alongside a school logo JPEG image to


Remember to check your email. If you have been successful we will aim to notify you within 7-10 days. 


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