What is The Safeguarding Standard

The Safeguarding Standard sets the benchmark for Safeguarding best practice ensuring that organisations exhibit the competency and capability required to effectively protect those to whom they owe a duty of care. 


The Safeguarding Standard is underpinned by 10 Core Principles that established the foundations for best safeguarding practice.

Why we have a Standard

Organisations working with children and young people play a critical role in keeping them safe and free from harm, abuse and neglect.


Over time it became evident that there was a vacuum between safeguarding policy and practice resulting in a lack of understanding, competency and compliance.


The Safeguarding Standard unites policy and practice to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.


It provides stakeholders with confidence that the organisation or individual has fulfilled their safeguarding duty of care and is compliant with regulatory standards and best practice as adopted around the world.  












To act in the best interest of the child and young person;

To uphold the rights of the child and young person;

To always maintain professional integrity;

To provide a competent standard of work or service;

To take reasonable steps to ensure your organisation is safe, or carry out your role within your organisation, competently and in such a way that will uphold a duty of care; 

Not to abuse your position of power or trust;

To report any concerns you may have immediately;

To not discriminate;

To ensure your setting is compliant with legislation and guidance;

To maintain appropriate continued professional development.

How we implement the Safeguarding Standard

Safeguarding is the golden thread that underpins every element of practice.

Through a ‘critical friend’ approach The Safeguarding Standard enables organisations to identify and mitigate safeguarding risk.

How to be awarded The Safeguarding Standard

To become accredited with The Safeguarding Standard please Contact Us to obtain a copy of ‘The Safeguarding Standard – A Guide for Organisations’.  


The Safeguarding Standard is awarded to organisations following a three-day safeguarding audit.


Upon successful completion the organisation will receive:


  • A confidential detailed report showcasing best practice and highlighting areas for continued improvement;


  • A Certificate of compliance presented with a plaque to be publicly displayed as an external validation that the organisation prioritises best safeguarding practice;


  • Continued support to ensure professional safeguarding best practice is maintained.  


The Safeguarding Standard will be valid for a period of one year.


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