Welcome to The Safeguarding Alliance where we aim to raise standards, professionalise and empower practitioners of today, to safeguard and protect future generations of tomorrow.   

As Chief Executive Officer I am passionate and committed to driving forward a global culture of safeguarding excellence within every organisation and across every sector. 


Every child, young person and adult at risk deserves to live free from harm, abuse and neglect and should treated with dignity and respect.


This can only be achieved when safeguarding is understood, prioritised and embedded into every aspect of practice. 

As a leading firm we are often referred to as safeguarding experts, but as safeguarding is an ever evolving continuum I strongly believe there are no experts. I am proud to lead a team of dedicated, highly professional, specialists in their fields, who are committed to the values, ethos and mission of The Safeguarding Alliance.  

Thank you for taking your time to find out more about The Safeguarding Alliance, I hope you are inspired to join us in driving forward change. 


Emily Konstantas LLM, LPC, LLB (Hons)

Chief Executive Officer

The Safeguarding Alliance


After decades of dealing with safeguarding crisis management, across numerous jurisdictions and different organisations, and the, sometimes, horrific resulting consequences, the co-founders set up The Safeguarding Alliance.


Sharing a mutual passion and drive to put an end to safeguarding failure by researching, developing and promoting policy, education and training we aim to drive forward safeguarding excellence. 


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Working with some of the worlds most high profile organisations we have an internationally renowned reputation as global leaders in the field of safeguarding and child protection.


Our firm prioritises contextual safeguarding based on customs, values and beliefs and we celebrate being pioneers of implementing change. 


To act in the best interest of the child, young person and adult at risk;

To uphold the rights of the child, young person and adult at risk;

To maintain appropriate continued professional development;

To always maintain professional integrity and accountability;

To not discriminate;

To provide a competent standard of work or service;

To not abuse your position of power or trust;

To report any concerns you may have immediately;

To ensure your organisation is compliant with legislation and guidance;

To take reasonable steps to ensure your organisation is safe, or carry out your role within your organisation, competently and in such a way that will uphold a duty of care.